Ball Rolling, but not for me.

There is some word that similar nominations for Business Advising are getting pre-screened- the step before your placement officer gives you the final review and the sparkly envelope seal of approval. I’m hoping I get that e-mail tomorrow or bend of the day of Monday- fingers crossed, smiling brightly, and thinking positive.

It felt terrific to get back to the Grand Central Food Program today. I let a pregnant homeless woman know where she can get help- Women in Need- and another woman hugged me- really tightly, haha. The work is so rewarding- I know that Peace Corps will blow my mind in this regard. Although it’ll be slow and a much longer period of commitment, it’s days like this that make the effort worthwhile.

oh, and I can’t get into my toolkit account. For some odd reason, my mother’s middle name is the hint. I know the answer but it comes up as invalid. I don’t know how I’m getting back into it. Oh well. Good thing there are instant notifications.

one thing I will miss: NYC skyline

one thing I won’t miss at all: The apparent income inequality in NY.You have millionaires with townhouses walking next to people that can’t even get a decent bite to eat or shelter.

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2 Responses to Ball Rolling, but not for me.

  1. Kathy Davis says:

    Love your blog. Love the Roosevelt quote. I’m in that same boat as the other Biz Advising Nominees. Any ideas where we might be sent? Best regards, Kathy Davis

    • Dan Schulman says:

      Well, thanks Kathy! I just got this started and trying to get more familiar with wordpress- I am not tech savvy in terms of coding and all that stuff. I’ve stopped speculating because my head will explode.
      Let me know of you hear anything and enjoy the future posts.

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