A Lion, A Bed, and A Wardrobe

Kate called me and said a broker was coming to look at the apartment.Two minutes later, after a mad dash to clean up, a knock on the door.

Two girls walked in and I showed them our apartment of two years. It seems so short of a time since we were with our broker looking at the place- of course, when we looked- the apartment was not lived in and the old guys were just moving their last few things out. Contractors littered the place with paint cans and replacing the tile in the bathroom. While our apartment could use a few more things like counterspace, a linen closet, windows in the livingroom, and perhaps a reduction in price, I am so happy we moved in here. It’s location (only 15 minutes from Union Sq), proximity to bars, laundries, supermarkets, McCarren Park, etc made this an excellent starter apartment.

I can’t help but to wonder where I’ll be moving next. As I wait for information regarding my review for the invitation, I am half-excited and half-anxious to know whether or not I’ll have running water let alone the always hot water I’ve become accustomed to. Will I be in a city or a emote rural village? Will I live with a host family or in an apartment or a hut made of twigs? How will I wash my clothes? I’m guessing there is no washing machine or laundromat close by. How will I even go to the bathroom? Will I have a toilet or an outhouse with ventilation? My bed will no longer be my Ikea full with headboard and down quilt but a sleeping bag and mosquito netting. Lamps, I think not- headlamp , if anything. Television, my netflix account, and the Union Square cinema won’t be within my reach and while I don’t have the best reception in my apartment, it is still reception and use of my phone.

These will be things I will miss but maybe not- I am excited to challenge myself in this way. I am anxious to learn how millions of people in the world do not live with such luxuries we take for granted, especially in NY when we feel like we are crammed like sardines in tiny apartments we pay so much for.

We shall see. We Shall See.

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