Voyager has made contact!

I (and others) received an e-mail today from our Placement Officer asking us if we would consider a June 22nd departure to a Francophone country. We all think it is Burkino Faso, unless it is some other country not on the Peace Corps Wiki Timeline.

I e-mailed back saying I would consider it, but would prefer to leave in July because that is just cutting it for 6 weeks, I am graduating May 20th, need to move out by May 31st assuming those girls take the apartment, and have enough time to pack/spend time with people I love. Also, I’m not exactly sure Burkina Faso is my ideal location- but I’m excited either way. It means things are getting into gear for the Business Desk!

I will keep you posted.

Another thing I will miss: Making fun of hipsters

Another thing I won’t miss: Hipsters

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One Response to Voyager has made contact!

  1. Kathy Davis says:

    Got the same eMail from my P.O. at the Business Desk. “Can I depart earlier than the original July nomination?” Where-oh-where could it be? My guess, too, was Burkina Faso; but the PCWiki says June 21 departure. I’m with you: the Biz Desk is finally working with us for summer departures. Could it be that Swaziland has added a SED program? Please keep me updated on anything you hear. Best regards, Kathy Davis

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