Forget Horcruxes, I just need a replicator.

I can picture it now- several copies of myself running around going to class, doing the remaining work that is left to graduate, cleaning and packing up my apartment, working so I have money, transitioning the student senate, and one more to have on hand just in case I need a kidney.

Then, I could just relax, order sushi, watch Buffy, obsessively look at the peace corps wiki and lay in bed. I could read the newspaper and study french. But, this is not the case and I ran all out of transmogrification fuel…damn! I just don’t want to have a repeat of last night where I stayed in the computer lab until 5:30am today finishing a paper.

Meanwhile, my PO said she would stick to my original nomination and contact me soon for a final phone interview-It’s getting close!!! The placement assistant e-mailed me asking me to send them my final transcript as soon as possible when grades come in but that this will not hold up my review process…woot! Luckily, I requested a final transcript for this reason last week in preparation- who is on top of his game? That would be me <bowing>.

Anyway, I’ve ignored my work tonight due to exhaustion and after-effects of the whiskey shots had with my friend from Ed class on our ways back into Brooklyn. This was a spontaneous adventure-very worth it. I will need more after this weekend. Care packages of Jameson can be shipped directly here by Fedex if you are so inclined- no need to wait until I am in Africa, haha.

Need to sleep but I will update, of course, as soon as I hear. I will tell you that Keith had his phone interview and will be receiving his invite in the next few days. I am SO jealous- but then again, he is departing earlier than expected for that June 22nd program probably to Burkina Faso.

Another thing I will miss: the monument store near me that sells fresh bread.

Another thing I won’t miss: Pesky neighbors that pound on the wall screaming at you because you won’t whisper in our own apartment-especially those neighbors that should move their bed from the really thin wall.

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2 Responses to Forget Horcruxes, I just need a replicator.

  1. Brad says:

    Hey I thought you may be interested to know that I had the e-mail asking for an updated transcript last Friday. On Tuesday I got an e-mail from my PO asking me to answer some questions. I was invited on Wednesday. You are definately lookin good and soooo close to an invite! congrats!

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