Nothing Behind Door #3

Things that did not happen today:

Final papers, phone call to arrange final interview, final interview, working with the Coalition for the Homeless, no e-mail regarding Petrie funding.

Things that went wrong today:

PC Wiki Site, PC Journals site, My School’s entire database, Bobst library being closed, Bob cat down

While things may not be happening as planned today- I know that I must be patient and that it will work out. I can handle this. I have to handle this. In the Peace Corps, nothing will happen for weeks, things WILL go wrong, I WILL get sick, and I might even stub my toe.

While I see groups of people hearing back about their invitations for assignments later than July (WTF), I still have yet to hear back from my PO-but I know I will…maybe when I’m 80.

Here’s to the last Friday night as an Undergraduate student!!!!

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One Response to Nothing Behind Door #3

  1. Kathy Davis says:

    I never got that final call from my PO . . . only the status-update eMail that said Congratulations, you’ve been invited. So don’t be surprised if you don’t get the phone call. Keep checking eMail for that Toolkit update. Something’s up with the Business Desk, so just be alert. And, yeah, what WAS up with PCWiki and PCJ today?!

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