Jason Bourne Joins the Peace Corps

It felt like two movies: The Bourne Identity and A.I.

When I received my much awaited invitation kit, the first thing I  saw was that “Assignment” booklet telling me where I’d go and some basic idea of what to expect. It felt like I was receiving my mission to carry out some black ops kind of thing. But, of course, it was not- the Peace Corps has no ties to intelligence in strict accordance with policy. I will have no ties to intelligence gathering. I will be volunteering in Mali as a Small Enterprise Development Business Adviser. Staging is July 1-2, 2010 in Philly. If this was a military intelligence movie, I would not have to do the paperwork- I would pick up my passport, gun, and cash in different currencies in a Swiss bank account. This has not happened, nor will it. It was obviously not the case when I noticed “Business” spelled with an extra “s” in the beginning. This is from the Business office. The amount of spelling errors I’ve come across in the last week from Peace Corps tells me they desperately need a copy editor. (But then again, I can understand because my keyboard is so messed up that I probably have typos all over this blog)

Anyway, I have no idea how they expect you to a) read the novel of a handbook in such a short period of time and b) accept an invitation within 10 days -especially after you wait and wait and wait patiently for them to respond to you. It seems like someone isn’t biking their fair share of a mile. But, oh well, building a patience threshold is important and I’m very excited to start my journey.

This brings me to A.I. You know that scene where the mother whose son is lying in a coma finally decides to accept her robot son? You know, where she makes him love her by indelibly imprinting the random words onto his hard disk? This process is the official initiation and I thought of it when writing my acceptance to the invitation.Now there is even more work to do- lots of paperwork and statement writing. Oh, and apparently a special format for our resume. Why couldn’t we just get that before? I will have to get this done within 10 days in the process of packing, moving, and living in the woods (my lease ends the 31st and I’m going to my summer camp).

Oh, the packing- my wishlist will be on here soon- solar chargers, backpacks and camping equipment, clothing and footwear, electronics, and more will be specified for any one of you close friends and family members that would like to help me out. Stay tuned for that.

I will also be posting some pictures on a new page entitled “Gallery” soon after I transfer from my phone to my computer.

I want to thank readers for their support and comments on my last post- it was such a sad post and I’m grateful for my Peace Corps family to be. Please update me on your happenings and link your blogs to your comments so I can read them.

Also, have any moments in your life that movies imitate?Share the moment as a comment with the name of the movie!

Another thing I will miss: Wearing cashmere on cool nights drinking wine on my fire escape.

Another thing I won’t miss: My crazy neighbor couple that fights and cries hysterically for several minutes at a time when I’m trying to enjoy wearing cashmere on cool nights drinking wine on my fire escape.

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One Response to Jason Bourne Joins the Peace Corps

  1. Erin L. says:

    I, too, loved the bit about “special formatting” for our resumes. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just scan our resumes and email them to our in-country staff? That baffled me, but whatever. It won’t be the last thing we’re baffled by, I’m sure. Congrats again!

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