Brooklyn Taxi Brigade

If you poke your head outside of your window or onto your stoop in Brooklyn, you can count the taxis letting those that live off the L line off at their humble abodes.

Coincidence? I think not. After running errands, including my trip to get passport photos taken for my Mali Visas, I met a crowd at Union Square, firemen, police, and rescue trucks. A woman jumped or fell (investigation still pending) onto the tracks of the Canarsie Bound L train. Sources, which may or may not be reliable, report that she jumped for her iphone. One source said she was hit by the train and another says she was electrocuted by the Third Rail. I’m not sure of anything but I am sure that it screwed up my commute.

So what did I do? I piled in a taxi with three strangers: Kara, a white trendy female in her late twenties that lives off Richardson, Harry, a metrosexual Belgian, and Tara, a thin brunette that lives off Graham and Montrose. Tara gave us delicious chocolate- 70% raw Cocoa-divine. The cab, which usually comes to approximately $30, came to $13.30 and only took about 15 minutes-forget birth or surviving fatal diseases, that my friend- is a miracle! (New Yorkers will understand this)

While I am not glad this woman might die, I am happy that I got to meet some strangers today. It is rare to interact so closely with strangers in the city- you have to really be stranded and go out of your comfort zone. I think New Yorkers are especially good at banding together and coming up with solutions on the spot because we are forced to deal with the same terrors that happen again and again and again. Although, I don’t think this would’ve been true so much before 9/11.

This experience makes me wonder how well I will do interacting with strangers at training and how we will overcome our obstacles. I feel that we will be exceptional. It will be remarkable to be surrounded by people that know exactly what terror the application process was and will feel all the emotions you are feeling- homesickness, loneliness, awkward senses of low self-worth, etc- as we start to adjust to Mali’s foreign environment. I know it will be okay.

Anyway, I have to go but please stay tuned for more adventures. Or if you have an adventure involving strangers-please share them as a comment!

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