Boxes to Boxes, Dust to Dust

The end of a life chapter in an apartment in Williamsburg- let us say Amen.

Packing and Moving: Where does one find the motivation? Except for the fact that you HAVE to be out of your apartment by a certain date so that the new tenants can move in and that if you don’t move you’ll be charged an additional month’s rent, this chore is the most tiresome of all. Besides putting your happy memories into boxes not to be seen for two years, it involves all those chores you hate doing regularly like cleaning the bathroom.

Oh, and I was just interrupted from writing this because the new tenants want to know when they can move in because their new tenants are asking them the same question. This is the real estate market in New York, sweet right?

Peace Corps packing is probably the worst. I have to separate everything I want to keep and then divide that between the measly pile I can take to Mali and the large load of things I’d like to take to Mali but have to store in my parent’s apartment in Maine where I hope nothing will happen to it, like flooding or an invasion of moths. One can only hope my treasured possessions of Dvds, Books, and Clothing all remain untouched by the dustbunny demons.

In addition to this, there is still an aspiration statement, formatted resume, and questionnaire to be completed before staging and an academic conference “Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy” to be held tomorrow at The New School that I have to help run. How do you say “ahhhhhh!” in Bambara? I’m not sure, but I hope I don’t have to use it, lol.

By the way, my blog has been approved- woot!

Anyone have interesting moving stories?  I’d love to hear them- just leave it as a comment!

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