Ssssink Your Fangs In: Dangerous Creatures in Mali

Nick and I went to the Bronx Zoo the other day. We saw lions, zebras, bears, bats, monkeys, flamingos, vultures, owls, and several peacocks roaming around fanning out their feathers for the world to see. Sea lions danced and played in the pool at feeding time.

When we stepped into the Reptile House, I couldn’t help but to stare at the amazing slithery creatures behind the glass. At that moment I wish I spoke Parseltongue (Harry Potter reference) so I could converse with the cobras, pythons, boas, vipers, and deadly night-time assassins. While most were from South America, I couldn’t help to wonder what venomous scaly crawly things lurked in Mali. I hadn’t thought of it until then. And now, I’m a bit scared.

Apparently, the Black Mamba- famous for its appearance in Kill Bill: Volume two, is one snake that wanders but is not likely to appear. I found a list of snakes in Mali with their descriptions:

I know I will be taught how to recognize what is dangerous and not and how to prevent being attacked, but while I do admire these creatures- I’d like to keep admiring them from behind very strong and thick glass.

Any interesting experiences with creatures in Mali or want to share another crawly creature moment, please share using the comment box.

Stay tuned for more updates- I’m hoping to post my aspiration statement on here shortly!

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