On the road: Portland, Maine : Part one

On Sunday, Nick and I left for Portland, Maine- car packed to the brim with all of my belongings.

The night prior ended with drinks  at Production Lounge with Will, Kate, Karen, and Nick. When we got back, there was still much to be done including the taking of more wood out to the street, re-organizing the trash that was ransacked (I think it is fine to look through trash for useful item- but rude to leave it all in shambles!) and some swiffering.

After a late wake-up, we finally got on the road by 1:30pm.Luckily, we made great time and got in around 8:30pm, but decided to go to dinner in the Old Port. An Italian Seafood Restaurant, Cinque Terre, was suggested to us by a young couple in search of a similar place. It was a bit expensive but we decided to treat ourselves since we managed to arrive in Portland on one tank of gas from NY, which we did- well, sort of.

After ordering rabbit loins and scallops, we spoke to a heavy set man named Les. He seemed very outgoing and curious about where we were from and what we were doing in Maine for Memorial Day Weekend. Across from him, we spoke with his lady of the evening, to sure if mistress, daughter or wife, but nonetheless made pleasant conversation. After all was said and done and we scraped the sauces from our plates with extra bread, which complemented the wine oh so perfectly, we asked for the check. If we had ordered dessert, we probably would have burst or worse, slept right on our table from a food coma. Our waiter came back and said ” It has been all taken care of”, taking us aback. We were stunned and eventually realized that Les- with the huge gold watch and generous smile had paid for our entire meal (approximately $100 including tip- but we put down a $20 anyway) !

After, we enjoyed the sea-salted air outside on the back of Nick’s car and a random drunk girl came up to us with a smile, a lighter, and made conversation. It was an excellent start to a weekend but Nick made a proclamation: This was either the best it would get and the weekend would get worse to balance or the weekend would progressively get better and something terribly wrong would happen at the end. I wanted to believe that it would all be wonderful in order to reward us for our hard work getting through finals and  working so much.

Stay tuned for Part two to find out if this weekend went well or took terrible turns. (to steal a line from another blog)- We can only Speculate!

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