Sour Grapes: Portland, Maine: Part Two

Wine. It’s impossible to find kosher wine. After an entire day filled with my sister’s drama (driving around for an hour trying to find her house and calling to get the address) and the bustle to visit family members before the morning was over, Nick and I decided to buy kosher wine for my stepmother for our chicken dinner.

We went to Shaw’s supermarket- not even Manischevitz.We went across town into Falmouth and found nothing but Manischevitz. We traveled across town again to RSVP and found three varieties. But! Because Nick, a New York Resident, had an out-of-state ID under 25, I could not be sold the wine albeit my Maine ID as a 21 year old. This was store policy. Not one of 6 other patrons outside could help us and I screamed in the car. It was the icing on the cake to a very troublesome day.

We were determined. Something had to be accomplished today besides melting under the taunting of my Brother-in-law. We finally went to Whole Foods and were able to buy kosher wine. I thought Mashiach had finally come, haha- not that I believe in miracles, but it was something to hold onto.

After dinner, we watched Buffy, met up with Val for drinks and enjoyed our last hours in the Downtown before having to get going. In the morning, we went and got a bite to eat, browsed Condom Sense and the candy shoppe. While I wish I had been able to stay in Portland longer, I was definitely not about to experience sour grapes all over again.

Stay tuned for my posting on the last few days at Surprise Lake Camp!

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