Lead Suspension

My DS-82 application for a no-fee passport, which I need to depart in three weeks has been SUSPENDED.

Why? Because silly me used pencil. I checked three times on the “Most Common Mistakes” list for the application and not once does it mention pencil v. pen. Maybe it’s because even a monkey knows that on official documents you have to use pen. It’s not a “common” mistake because those about to do development work are probably a bit smarter than I am. Haha, all kidding aside- this blows.

Now, on a day off in the city, I have to fill out forms, go to the post office, spend more money on Express Delivery and wait longer for this process to be completed. On top of that, I still need to write my Aspiration Statement- I know, late but not too much but if things like this would stop happening maybe i could actually work on it. Anyway, I’m going to Choose my Attitude and just laugh a little. I knew a hitch would come sooner or later. Everything will be okay.

Well, I was going to talk about camp this blog post but it seems that I’ll have to make time for that later.

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Lead Suspension

  1. Kathy Davis says:

    They called you, right? And you saw the 202 area code and got excited, right? My Visa for Burkina Faso was denied. Blue ink issue. Did I miss a sign that said “black ink only?” I’m in Small Enterprise Development . . . due to my business acumen; obviously not due to my ability to follow instructions. Dan, this could only happen to us, and I look forward to meeting you.

    • Erin Lockley says:

      Oh no! Sorry this happened, but I had to admit it made me laugh out loud. Now watch it happen to me….

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