After a constant flurry of e-mails, google decided to act (with a glacial pace) and restored my gmail account! I am sorry for anyone who received spam as a result of the hack- and I can assure you I would never spam (unless it was about my own events and ventures).

Now, I have learned. I am going to download every single document, share every calendar with my other accounts, and back up EVERYTHING.

This shouldn’t be so difficult considering Dell upgraded my netbook to a whopping 250GB! Why? Because the order was canceled twice due to their errors with inventory and B.S. After much hassle and time spent (more than I should have), they are sending me a much better computer with an upgraded battery (6-cell) instead of 3-cell and shipping it expedited next day for free. This computer with the Peace Corps discount will be a total of 286 bucks instead of what should probably be $600. I am so ecstatic and can’t wait to test out the webcam and skying features so I can stay connected with family and friends.

Next post I will write concerning the last days, the “Bridge to Post” packet that I was sent and other misc. items that you probably aren’t interested in. Until then, stay well and stay tuned.

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3 Responses to Success!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hey Im interested in how you go about doing the Peace Corp discount from the DELL computer. I need to get one but don’t know how you apply the discount etc. Id be great if you could let me know!

  2. Dan Schulman says:

    There’s a code on the peace corps wiki page , google “peace corps discount” and it will bring you to it. Follow the link and then type in the GS code. You will get the EPP program/ However, you might be able to swing something better by schmoozing a customer support/sales person on the phone or via chat especially if you are still a student/just graduated or if you explain you can only spend a certain amount.

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