Pre-Staging Fascination at the Station

So, it’s staging here in Philly. So far, I made my way (exhausted) to Philly from packing and a metro-north snafu involving confusing train schedules. Anyway, I got here. Peter from USS picked me up from the Acela train and we had pulled pork sandwiches. what a delight! The only terrible attribute of the trip was sitting next to this guy on his ipad, laptop, and bluetooth at the same time on some kind of conference. Slow Torture. I think he thinks he is important in some kind of way.

Train people are fascinating albeit this one man. I love eavesdropping and I love watching. For instance, on my way down from Cold Spring, I spent my time listening to the exciting stories and lives of these lawyers. Unusually, they weren’t useless- in fact, one is doing a class action lawsuit against BP. One of his Pro Bono works turned into this great tale regarding chief cardiologist surgeons saving his wife’s life. You just had to be there. It was like Friends but without the laughtrack.

Besides this, staging has been interesting and I will let you know all about it later before we depart. Which, btw, is from JFK. I know, I know. I just came from NY with 80lbs of luggage to Philly. Crazy right?

Stay tuned.

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