A Site To Be Seen

On Sunday, approximately 40 Peace Corps Trainees, including myself will depart with each of our homologues to check out our sites for the next two years- I will be in a village of 3,000 people near Segou (I’m not allowed to post the exact name for security issues). I will eat with the chief of the village and have no electricity. More details to come as I learn them.

Last night, we found out exactly what towns and villages we will be working with, our specific community goals, and who will help us to integrate over the next few months until IST (In-Service Training).

There is much to do, however. Questionnaires, more inoculations, sessions of safe travel, language enhancement, strategies for dealing with common stresses such as being called a Tubab all the time (which means French person) apparently or unwanted sexual advances. I cannot express how many times I’ve already been asked if I was married (I furulen don? or  Mousso b’i fe? in Bambara) by mothers on behalf of their daughters. Fortunately, I have yet to commit to giving a dowry just yet, haha.

Ok, well, it is late and I need to sleep. However, I appreciate your patience on these blogs. I realize my frequency is very different from when I started this blog but that is only because of access to internet. More details to come for sure.

Oh! and I’ve revised my top ten wishlist- take a look!!!

I miss you all especially linguine.



A la ka su here caya

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