Wishlist (Revised 9/6)

My Wishlist

Life in Mali is well….not life in the USA. While integration is key, I don’t think it is possible if my mind and body goes crazy without reminders of home. Therefore, I’ve compiled a new  list.

Time Sensitive:

Halloween and Thanksgiving items- costume stuff/face paint (I think we are doing a Clue themed celebration), Thanksgiving gravy or other useful products.

These are items I can never have too many of. Use it as a guide.

1) Letters/Pictures

2) Newspaper/Magazine clippings (NYTimes Sunday with the magazine, The Economist, discovery science, Smithsonian, etc)

3) Foods (Kraft Mac n Cheese, Velveeta, Starbucks Via instants, candies like skittles, starburst, trident white gum, more Espresso, Parmesan cheese, and other non-perishable savory treats, rice krispy treats, larabars, and pre-packaged bacon. Soup mixes, Beef Jerky, any other meats that don’t need refrigeration, maybe some small nips of Jameson or Jack 🙂

4) Games and knickknacks- puzzles and little kid logic games are great for showing host families and passing the time.

5) A Soccer Ball deflated- kicking the ball around is a great way to integrate and they usually play with ruddy low-air patched up soccer balls.

6) Novels and other reading material

7) Cheap USB drives with music, letters, pictures (an easier, lighter, and sustainable alternative to printing or spending too much on shipping)

8) Marlboro 27s

9) Rubberduckies

10) Hanes tagless medium white or black tees- crew/v-neck

11) Chia pet?

12) A large enough box could probably fit one friend each. Put holes in box and hope that you don’t die in the cargo hold. At least if you do I can rest assured you won’t run away from me once you see my bathroom here.


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